365/30: 2014-04: April 2014

Es tut mir Leid, dass ihr so lange nichts von mir gelesen habt. Aber: Ich habe ENDLICH wieder Internet! 🙂 Nun kann es weiter gehen.

Auf die Schnelle gibt es hier die überfällige Frageliste für April 2014. Mehr dann in den nächsten Tagen und Wochen.

1. Goals for this month: April 2014

2. List 3 funny April Fool’s day hoaxes

3. Your thoughts on love

4. Your thoughts on happiness

5. Your thoughts on achievement

6. Use 3 positive words or phrases to describe your childhood

7. Use 3 sentences to describe your love for your family or friends

8. List your goals for ‘spring cleaning’

9. Do you believe in anything extra-ordinary or supernatural?

10. If you could time travel just once, future or past, when would you go to and why?

11. If someone tells you that he/she is from future, what kind of evidence would you ask for?

12. 5 things you’d love to learn or understand about the world

13. Your thoughts on science and religion

14. List your favourite pieces of art and artists (Extra points if you can draw yourself in the style of your favourite portrait!)

15. Describe the thing(s) that are with you now- in your bag, in your pocket, or on your desk

16. What’s the 5th letter in your full name? List some favourite words that start with that letter.

17. Describe one of your unforgettable dreams

18. What are 3 things/tools you would bring if you have to stay on an uninhabited island for a month by yourself?

19. What are your favourite flowers? Draw a flower that you saw today

20. A wallet, a phone, a Filofax/planner – if you can only bring one of them with you today, which one will go with you? Why, and how would you make it work for you?

21. How many hours have you spent online today? Which websites etc?

22. What are your favourite clothing accessories, and when do you wear them?

23. List your favourite beverages

24. Favourite ways to decorate your planner/journal

25. What have your organised this month?

26. 3 things you’d like to do to improve your home

27. Different world cultures or historical/ancient civilisations which fascinate you, and why

28. 3 things you must do before your next birthday.

29. Your start doing and stop doing lists

30. Review of the month: April 2014

One reply on “365/30: 2014-04: April 2014”

Schön, dass Du wieder aktiv sein kannst. Ich habe mir im Forum schon Gedanken gemacht, wo Du steckst. Für einen Urlaub erschien es mir zu lange!
Lieben Gruß
Else Marie

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