365/30: 2014-03: März 2014

Hier kommt die Frageliste für März 2014.

1) Goals for this month: March 2014
2) I have the most fun when I…
3) My ideal celebrity neighbor would be _______ because…
4) When I’m sad, I find comfort in knowing…
5) List your plans for Spring Cleaning your home!
6) What fad(s) from your youth do you remember the most?
7) Write some sentences that advise how to live successfully.
8) What would your fantasy road trip be like?
9) What is cluttering up your life?
10) My gratitude list for today!
11) If I could be an expert in any subjects/activities, they would be…
12) Which movies/shows/books do you wish had sequels/spinoffs/new episodes?
13) What are the luckiest things that have ever happened to you?
14) What do you think the world will be like in 2114?
15) How would your best friend describe you?
16) Describe the first time you really felt independent!
17) What are your lucky charms?
18) What are your most indispensable possessions and why?
19) If I became leader of my country, I would…
20) What would you invent to make your life easier?
21) The most influential people in my life were/are…
22) What brings you the most peace and why?
23) I wish everyone loved…
24) If I were an actress/actor, I would have loved to play the part of ____ in ____ because…
25) What is least important to you {money, power, or fame} and why?
26) My motto in life is…
27) What people and places in your past do you appreciate more now, from a distance?
28) The greatest lessons that I have been taught about life are…
29) The greatest lessons that I have taught someone else are…
30) What did you most enjoy doing this month?
31) Review of the Month: March 2014

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